About us

St.Dymphna's  is a Special  School in Ballina for Primary and Post Primary pupils from 4 to 18 years with a Mild General Learning Need.

The school also has a class for a maximum of eight pupils with a Moderate General Learning need who can access the curriculum we offer.

Pupils in the Post Primary classes hav ethe opportunity to complete the Level 1 and Level 2 Junior Cert.

Pupils in  the Transition Class have the opportunity to do the QQI Awards at Level 2 and Level 3

There are 12 Minor Awards at Level 2 .

Our staff
We have five  class teachers  and four specialist subject teachers for our Post Primary pupils. We have a Post Primary teacher forMaterials,  Technology and Wood. Home Economics, PE and  Music. 
We have SNA support in each classroom.
Contact us

We are now accepting enrolments for September 2021 . Contact the school on info@stdymphnas.ie