St. Dymphna’s School
                                                                       Enrolment Policy and Procedure



St. Dymphna’s is designated by the Dept. of Education and Skills as a school for pupils from four to eighteen years of age with a Mild General Learning Need.
The school also accepts a limited number of pupils (maximum of eight) in the high moderate learning range who do not have additional needs that would impede their access to the curriculum St. Dymphna’s school provides. Pupil’s primary needs are educational.

Decisions regarding enrolment are set out in the Enrolment Procedure below and are contingent on the availability of a suitable vacancy relevant to the educational needs of the applicant.

In the first instance, parents are encouraged to visit the school and talk to the Principal so that they can make an informed decision regarding the suitability of the school for their child.
If parents decide to apply for admission to St. Dymphna’s, and there is a vacancy, parents are required to provide the school with an up to date psychology report which clearly states the pupils level of functioning. Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy and speech therapy reports are also required where additional resources or support is needed. The Principal may then contact the psychologist/SENO and therapists involved with the pupil to discuss the reports and the pupil’s individual needs.
Based on this information a decision will be made by the Principal regarding enrolment. Parents are then informed by the Principal of the school’s decision and will ask parents to complete the admission forms and attend an admissions meeting.


Admissions meeting
Parents SENO/ other professionals working with a pupil will be asked to attend a meeting at the school to discuss the level of support and/or resources the pupil requires.
Admission can be delayed if the necessary resources and support considered vital for the education and safety of the pupil or other pupils in the school are not presently in place.

If a pupil is accepted by the school, the application form for school transport will be completed by the parents and Principal and sent to the SENO.
If additional resources/support is also required this will also be requested from the SENO at this time

If a parent is unhappy about the Principal’s decision regarding enrolment, an appeal can be made, in writing to the Board of Management. The Board of Management will consider the appeal and respond in writing.
A further right of appeal is provided for in Section 29 of the 1998 Education Act.
Appeals must generally be made within 42 calendar days from the date the parent/student receives the decision of the BOM.
Information on this is available for parents from the Department of Education and Skills.