Junior Cert Level 2

In the new Junior Cycle there will be two qualifications.

One a replacement for the Current Junior Cycle and the   other, designed for students with particular special educational needs who currently can’t access the Junior Certificate, will be aligned to Level 2 of the NFQ.


The L2LPs will build upon prior learning and are designed primarily around 5 Priority Learning Units (PLUs) that focus on the social, personal and prevocational skills that prepare students for further study, for work and life.

The PLUs include:

Communicating and literacy: Covers both verbal and non-verbal ways of receiving and giving information.  Reading and writing are also further developed

 Numeracy: Develops awareness of patterns and relationships in shape and number as well as skills in estimation, measurement and problem solving.

 Personal care: Deals with health and wellbeing, covering areas such as healthy eating and healthy lifestyles.

Living in a community: Students develop strategies to establish and maintain positive relationships with people around them. Seeking help and advice as well as dealing with conflict are included here.

Preparing for work:  Assists students in making the transition from school to further education, training or employment.

All students who complete a junior cycle programme will receive a certificate awarded at Level 2, or Level 3 of the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). L2LPs will lead to a certificate at Level 2.

Students undertaking L2LPs also study two short courses at this level.