S.P.H.E. Policy

This policy should be read in conjunction with the Schools Mission Statement, RSE policy, Substance Use Policy and Behaviour and discipline Policy.

Vision Statement
S.P.H.E in our school should develop in each individual a sense of self-worth, and enable students to become valued, confident, capable members of the wider community

The aims of S.P.H.E are:
a) To promote the personal development and well-being of the child
b) To foster in the child a sense of care and respect for himself/herself and others and an appreciation of the dignity of every human being
c) To promote the health of the child and provide a foundation for healthy living in all its aspects
d) To enable the child to make informed decisions and choices about the social personal and health dimension of life both now and in the future
e) To develop in the child a sense of social responsibility, a commitment to active and participative citizenship
f) To enable the child to respect human and cultural diversity

Broad objectives
When due account is taken of intrinsic abilities and varying circumstances, the SPHE curriculum should enable the child to
 Be self-confident and have a positive sense of self-esteem
 Develop and enhance the social skills of communication, co- operation and conflict resolution
 Develop an understanding of healthy living and a willingness to participate in activities that promote and sustain health
 Develop a sense of safety and an ability to protect himself/herself from danger and abuse
 Make decisions and solve problems
 Respect the environment and develop a sense of responsibility for long-term care
 Develop some of the skills and abilities necessary for participating fully in groups and in society
 Appreciate and respect the diversity that exists in society and the positive contributions of various cultural religious and social groups
 Promote the values of a just and caring society in an age appropriate manner

The Curriculum is presented in three strands, Myself, Myself and Others and Myself and the wider World.
Myself is concerned with the personal development of the individual child and his/her health and well-being.
Myself and Others focuses on developing a sense of care and respect for other people and the facility for relating to and communicating with others.
Myself and the Wider World enables pupils to explore the various communities in which they live.
S.P.H.E. is taught at St. Dymphna’s school in a combination of ways:
a) Through a positive school climate and atmosphere that foster the health and well being of all members of the school community
b) Discrete S.P.H.E. time
c) An integrated approach, where many aspects of S.P.H.E. are dealt with in the context of relevant subject areas.
Since parents have the primary role in the social, personal and health education of their children parents are asked to contribute to the development and implementation of S.P.H.E in school. Parents are invited to attend meetings and speak to the Principal and class teachers about aspects of the programme

The S.P.H.E programme will be reviewed by each class teacher on a two yearly basis to take into account pupils knowledge and understanding. S.P.H.E is based on the needs of the children